Terry, I received my order last  week and have had the opportunity to "Break in" both holsters and belt.  What fine quality and great workmanship! These are by far the most  comfortable holster I have ever had on my hip, and I have had many. I  have had other custom made holsters in the past for both duty and off  duty and they don't even compare.        Jack L. Green River, WY 

 Terry  Hisle hand crafts gunbelts and holsters one at a time on a workbench in  his shop using the same materials, tools, patterns, and methods used by  saddle makers here in Colorado over 130 year ago helping to keep an  American tradition alive. 


I had  a Colt Single Action Army "Peacemaker" revolver made at the Colt Custom  Shop not too long ago and wanted a period-correct 1880's cross-draw  gunbelt and holster for it. Terry provided informative historical  research and photos to help separate true "Wild West" from 1930s  Hollywood fiction. For example, Terry showed me documentation that in  the post Civil War era in the West, Confederate money was, of course,  worthless but Union paper money was considered by many to be suspect as  well. Hard currency in gold and silver coins were valued at a premium so  many people had their gunbelts made in that time with a slot behind the  buckle to insert and store their precious metal coins.

In  my view, Terry's historical attention to detail, period-correct  materials, tools, patterns, and methods make his gunbelts (and matching  pants belts) something worth having.

\John B


"Terry, you do so damn good work my friend! Belt arrived today and fits perfectly...I couldn't be happier. Thanks much and I will see you at one of the future gun shows. Thanks again!" J Hladky



" Just received my Western Rig and absolutely LOVE it. Amazing work and craftsmanship. Can't wait to use it. Thank you so much for the wonderful job and time and consideration for it. Really great work."M Wilmott

  I received my cross draw holster and I am very happy with it. The design is PERFECT with just the right angle on the belt, showing it pays to have a horse rider build it. Thank you so much!"C & S Rieks 


​" I picked up a work belt at the Colorado Springs gun show 6 months ago. Store bought belts don't last very long with me. This one still looks great and fits great. Terry knows what he's doing to make one tough belt. I'll be buying from him again. Thanks Terry!"Doug H. Shattuck, OK


"Terry, my friend and I each purchased one of your 1 ½ wide leather gun belts at the gun show a month or two ago. I wear mine every day. Had I known a quality belt was this rewarding, I would have bought one years ago! My friend feels the same way. I have told a few people who carry that they MUST see you! I will continue to promote your work. I'm very pleased. Thanks!"John H


"Hi Terry, yesterday I received the new holster you made for my Ruger SR22. It is fantastic, absolutely beautiful. This is one you didn't have a blue gun for so I thought it was possible that the fit wouldn't be perfect. It is. The fit, the finish, the style, all 5 out of 5 stars. I expect I'll find you at the gun show this weekend. I'll bring the rig by so you can see the fit. I'm talking to my wife into bringing her 1911 to get a holster made. Thanks!"Bob J


​"Terry, I received my belt in the mail today. I am very pleased. It fits perfect with and without a holster. The color came out great too! Thanks for your incredible craftsmanship!"Gene



​"I just picked up my two holsters for my Sig 9mm and Remington R1 45 and wanted to let you know that they both fit like a glove. Great holsters. I will definitely recommend your shop. It was a pleasure doing business."Brian M


"I received the belt I ordered at the last Tanner Show. It fits great! I am very happy with it."Scott K


"Terry- Just got the custom Hi-cant thumb break slider for my Ruger P345 in the mail today. I wanted to let you know it got here, looks great, feels and fits great, and was worth the wait. Just about spot on on what I was imagining! Really beautiful work too! Fit and finish, stitching and edging all meticulously done. You are a skilled artisan, and I am glad we talked that day at the Tanner show. I'll be passing your card around, Thank You!"Scott D


"Terry, I wanted to tell you that I received my holster today, and it is absolutely wonderful! Fits great and looks great. I will make sure to tell everybody I know how perfect it is!"S. Davis


"Thank you for the great job on the horse hide belt you made for me. It is very well made and works great with my own holster. I look forward to trying other holsters with it. Also looking forward to seeing you at other shows."Jeff S

 "Mr Hisle- I met you at the Tanner Gun Show in Pueblo, Oct 9th and I purchased a holster for my Ruger SR9. Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the holster. It's extremely comfortable and keeps the gun tight against my body. I will contact you first for all my future holster needs. Thanks again!" Frank H 


 Just received my chest holster Wednesday.
VERY NICE holster!! Works perfect with my backpack and fanny pack. I'll be using it this fall in New Mexico while hiking and doing nature photography. Will be great on my horseback desert excursion too.Glad I found you guys. I'm already showing it off to my buddies. 

 If anyone asks it works great with the new S&W M&P M2.0 with the amidex. safety. The safety lever rides against the back of the holster preventing moving it accidentally.Thank you! Lowell 

 Ed & I talk at least a couple times a week & he of course has received Sebastian’s sling.
Ed’s words were — describing your leather work was — “it is ABSOLUTE 1st Class Bernie & the finest quality hand tooling & dying & finishing I have ever seen — anywhere!”
While that may not sound like much, you need to know it is coming from a lifelong lawman — who first started out in California & worked all over the west before finally ending up in Michigan.
In addition,  he has been a Master Gunsmith for 35 + years.
Finally, he also is  a Grand National Champion Combat Shooter.
So in short, Ed knows what he’s talking about  &  recognizes extremely high quality hand crafted workmanship when he sees it.
Thanx again for everything! Bernie G 


Hi Terry & Marie, 

I just wanted to say thanks for your great customer service and taking the time to make a chest holster for my Ruger MK III. The holster is perfect. Love it!  I have told a few people about your amazing holsters and service. I will also be taking it to my friends cabin this weekend who has a mark III and says he might order one as well. 


David L


Dearest Marie and Terry, 

I got my large folder brown leather case in the mail today.  I am the one,  that has two of your belts, black and brown, and asked you at the gun show to make me a snapped case for my large black Benchmade Adamas folder knife.  

I am so overwhelmed by this case that I cannot put it down.  My wife judged me crazy. You, Terry, far exceeded my expectations.  This has got to be the most beautiful folder case I have ever seen--and it is mine!  It looks like part of a beautiful saddle.  It is so everbuilt.  It is a beautiful, rich brown.  It fits the knife like a glove.  The snapped cover is perfect.  There is just the right amount of handle sticking out to grab easily, but not too much.  The metal belt clip is robust and perfect.

I intend to wear this case on my person every day until I die.  If I fly somewhere, I may even wear it empty.

You are both such nice people and Terry, you are truly an artist.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to seeing you both at the next show somewhere.

Our teenage grandson in Denver is thankful too--he will be so lucky when I finally die.

Most appreciatively, Thomas T


Marie and Terry,

I received the Rig yesterday and opened the carton this morning.  I’m impressed ; KUDOS to you all  for the design, fit, tooling and appearance of the Chest Rig.  I am truly happy with my choice for a leather artesian, holster vendor!  You guys make me look good.

I slipped in the gun and seated it against the scope post, snapped the retention strap which fit perfectly.  The barrel is covered, all is good.  

I’m in the process of adjusting to fit me and see there is ample adjustment to work with to optimize carry comfort.  I will follow up with a photo when I am satisfied with carry position.  I will also explore my other holster options for the Sigs I mentioned in the original inquiry. 

Thanks again, 

Bob R



My holster arrived yesterday and I have to say that I am very happy with it. The craftsmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect. It was well worth the wait and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a quality holster. 

Thank You!

Bill S.


I wanted to thank you for such a quality product. I ordered the chest holster. I've got rheumatoid arthritis and I could no longer wear a waistband holster. Your rig is comfortable and easily utilized. I've received many compliments about your rig and I refer people to your website whenever they ask. I'll be ordering a mag holster soon to compliment the chest rig.
Again, thank you for your craftsmanship and product.
Mr Frank K

 Received the holster today! I'm very pleased. Quality of workmanship is excellent. Holster lining is very nice. Pistol fit is good. I even shoved my S&W 629 Classic 6.5" in there. Besides the barrel poking out, the big boy fit right in and I could snap the strap.
Thank you! Regards,


Terry and Marie- just wanted to follow up with an email. I received the chest rig holsters, it is exactly what I have been looking for- for over a year I have been trying to find the “right fit”. This is perfect to wear under my dress blue/blazer without the large “bulge” on my side due to the duty hip holster. I also use if for hiking, hunting and even for a jog. Thanks for great customer service! Doug

Colonel Douglas W. K, Chief of Police