Sportsman's Chest Rig®

Sportsman's Chest Rig ®

Sportsman's Chest Rig®

You'll be amazed by the versatility of this harness for hunting, fishing, hiking or outdoor work or play. Simple adjustments can position your weapon on your chest or lower by the stomach in a cross draw fashion. A squeeze release buckle makes this harness a breeze to put on or take off as you're layering clothes during the day. FAST access to your weapon when needed and a secure location to prevent snagging in the woods or while on horseback or ATV's.

Our holsters are open ended to prevent moisture build up and gives the ability to attach silencers or suppressors to the end of your barrel.

 Complete instructions on adjusting, extra screws and a tube of Loctite to secure screws are all included.

This rig will fit Medium to X-Large persons out of the box. Small framed people will need a few adjustments as well as XXL. If you are a XXXL, please let us know to include a longer webbing strap and your measurement in inches around your stomach area.

$135.00 for barrels 7." and under

$145.00 for barrels 7.5" to 9.5"

$155.00 for barrels 10." and longer 



  • Top Grain Leather Construction
  • 4 oz. Suede Lined Holster & Shoulder Strap 
  • Retention screw for weapon fit adjustments 
  • Easy on and off
  • Many strap adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Retention strap with snap to secure your weapon
  • These holsters are not molded so it is possible that another weapon will fit if it's a similar frame size.
  • Modular system- change out holster by removing 3 screws and replace with a different Sportsman's Chest Rig® holster for a different weapon.
  • Additional holsters can be ordered separately.


  • Available in Right or Left hand cross draw
  • Color: Chocolate ($0), Black +$10, Saddle Tan +$35 (see color options link in footer below)
  • Tooling Design Options (see tooling design link in footer below) $20-$35 extra.
  • Choose your weapon Make, Model and barrel length. If your weapon not listed, please contact us or select "My weapon isn't listed" and enter your weapon's complete description including caliber, number of rounds etc as there may be different versions of your weapon. If your barrel length exceeds 7 inches, we will send you a Pay Pal invoice for the extra amount owed.
  • If you want the retention strap in the "Cocked and Locked" position, YOU MUST LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY! Either call, leave a message or email us with this request. Orders typically go out the same or next business day.
  • Add-on Cartridge strip $35.00
  • Add-on Magazine pouch $45.00

We accommodate most autos and revolvers except for some foreign antique/military weapons like Makarov. The BFR by Magnum Research is another weapon that we cannot accommodate.

 This product is not designed for under the arm carry. 

Scoped Chest Rigs

Scoped Sportsman's Chest Rig ®

Sportsman's Chest Rig ® for Scopes or Reflex Sights


  • Holographic, Red Dot or Reflex sight cut outs, add $10 to the cost of the Chest Rig. Prices vary due to barrel lengths.

              $195 for metal lined scope slot up to 7-inch barrel. 7.5-9.5" barrels add $10

              $215 for metal lined scope slot up to 10-inch barrel 

  • Scoped weapons must have AT LEAST 3-4 inches of barrel length between the front of the scope mount to the end of the barrel.
  • You must have a vertical clearance of at least 3/8 inch between the bottom of the scope and the top of the barrel. The same clearance of 3/8 inch between the bottom of the scope and the top of the front sight.

To order, please email or call to start the process. Lead time on this product is 3-5 business days plus 2-3 days for shipping from the date of purchase.

Email us with a photo of your weapon with the scope mounted, next to a ruler measuring from the end of the barrel to the scope mount. 

Our direct email is:



Andrew S.


“I absolutely love my holster, now having two seasons under my belt with it in use while hunting; it has never let me down.  It turns heads from the other guys in my hunting group which is obvious from the top quality of the leather and meticulous craftsmanship that went into making it.  The shoulder and body strap, when adjusted to fit my frame, holds the weapon firmly in place on my body and keeps the firearm retained with no slipping at all.  The cut-out for the red dot is flawless and fits my rail and optic perfectly.  I will likely order another for my Colt 1911 very soon!  Worth every penny; will buy again!!”  Andrew S.

Leather Waterproofing


Kiwi Boot Protector

Our Sportsman's Chest Rig ® is a great hunting and outdoor rig for the avid sportsman yet it is NOT waterproof. We do treat the leather with a top coat of mild resistance yet you'll find that water will spot and change the color of the leather when you're out in the bush. Kiwi Boot Protector is a great product that doesn't drastically change the color of the leather to a blackish brown. After testing this product on our Chest Rigs, we found it to be a great waterproofing product!  This item is available in our online store if you're wanting to include it with your order. 

If you're wanting to go further in  waterproofing the suede that lines the INSIDE of the holster, Kiwi also makes a suede waterproofing product. DO NOT USE Kiwi Boot Protector on suede as it's a different type of leather and may gum up or harden the suede fibers. Use a product designed for suede only!

Watch the YouTube link below for some great information on application and results.