Current Lead Times


Lead Times

Although we wish we could keep everything in stock for our customers, please know that this is simply impossible with THOUSANDS of guns and variations. Most orders end up in our "Custom Order" pile that can get pretty back-logged at times.

Please remember that the following Lead Times are projected ESTIMATES.

Feel free to email us for an update on your order. 

Christmas gift orders should be placed in September to ensure timely delivery before Christmas as we get back-logged very fast in the winter months. For more detailed information, you can call or email for an estimated completion time for placing an order that day.

Please note the current lead times below are ESTIMATES!

Outside the Waistband conceal/carry holsters:          13 weeks

Inside the Waistband holsters:                                       13 weeks

Sportsman's Chest Rig ®                                                 3 days

          w/tooling design option                                         5 days

          w/optic                                                                      7 days

          Custom tooling design and optic                         7 days

Horsehide Carry Belts                                                      4 weeks


Custom Ranger Belts                                                        5 weeks         

          w/ tooling design option                                        5 weeks     

Magazine Pouches                                                            3 weeks

          w/tooling design option                                         3 weeks

MagnaHide®                                                                     4-5 days

          large order                                                               2 weeks

Custom Western Rigs                                                      4 Months ESTIMATE

Custom Knife Sheath                                                       5  weeks

Custom Slings                                                                  13 weeks