Non-custom orders.

Non-custom orders are returnable within 30 days. These are items that we have in-stock without any customization. Such as MagnaHides, Buck 110 knife sheaths and Common Carry belts from sizes 24-45 WITHOUT tooling. Items must be in pristine, unused condition and buyer pays for return shipping charges unless otherwise arranged with this company. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN WITHOUT RETURN SHIPPING APPROVAL.

Custom Orders

All custom orders are made by hand one at a time to your specifications. These orders are NOT refundable. If you have an issue with your product and it is CLEARLY the fault of the maker, you need to contact us within 15 days (phone or email) of receiving the item.  We will either make you another corrected product or refund your money after the item is received.

Custom orders are ANY order that you customize with tooling, optic cut-outs, lining, thumb breaks etc.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN WITHOUT RETURN SHIPPING APPROVAL. 

Sportsman's Chest Rig Returns

After receiving your Sportsman's Chest Rig, you must read the enclosed directions that warn you that the Chicago Screws will fall out. We had included a tube of Loctite and extra screws with your order.  These instructions also cover how to adjust the harness to fit if it does not fit right out of the box. This harness can be sized down to fit petite and adjusted larger to fit 3X sizes.

If you are having a gun fitting issue, the directions also mention the retention screw located by the trigger guard. Adjusting this screw can loosen or tighten the fit of the weapon.

If you're having other issues, please call us ASAP! You have 30 days to be eligible for a return if the item is in pristine, unused condition.

If you had ordered a CUSTOM Chest Rig with tooling, special color or custom optic cut-out you must call or email us  within 30 days of receiving your item ONLY if the issue was our fault. Otherwise, we do not refund custom orders.