MagnaHide® Powerful magnetic gun holder.

MagnaHide® Black


MagnaHide® Brown




Durable and NO SCRATCH!

MagnaHide® is an innovative open holster that can be mounted on any secure surface.

With durable dual high power magnets to keep your weapon stable and secure, you can place a MagnaHide® in unexpected places throughout your home, garage, vehicle or workplace.

$29.95 each   NOW ON SALE FOR $25.00 ea.

Each MagnaHide® comes complete with 3 flat head screws. 

Size is 6 inches by 2 inches by .25 inches high.

Mounting possibilities are endless

Under the dashboard, in a closet, under the office desk, we even have customers place them on the walls of their gun safe (without screws) to expand their gun storage. 2 MagnaHides® will even hold a long gun or AR. The possibilities are endless! Made with 2x 29 lbs pull weight high power rare earth magnets that will NOT magnetize your weapon or ammo. Covered with real leather to prevent scratches on your weapon. The magnets will last 100 years before they start loosing strength unless you subject them to extream hot or cold.

Real Testimonials

  •  Amazing I have my P238 mounted in my car and I do rough driving! It stays in place.
  •  Super fast!! Great value! Great product. Amazing quality.
  •  Second one, Awesome product. 
  •  Absolutely the safest magnet to use 
  •  Great quality. My 4th magnet from you guys! Thanks! 
  •  Extremely pleased!!! 
  •  These are straight LEGIT and sweet! Bought 3 more! 
  •  Very well made and powerful. Holds my H&K USP easily.
  •  Wow! This is an awesome magnet! 

How to use MagnaHide

  • Mount using 3 provided flat head screws into a solid surface. Sheet rock is not a solid surface unless you hit a stud in the wall. Drill screws in until the screw heads sink a little below the leather. Some people want to use another way of securing these like zip ties to the steering column or bolts etc. Whatever you use, be consious that it will not scratch your weapon.
  • Always place your weapon in a way that it contacts both magnets. Be aware of your sights to avoid banging them on the magnets. These magnets are powerful! 
  • DO NOT slide your weapon back and forth on the magnets. This will scratch and wear the leather down.  Place your gun on the MagnaHide® like you would place your weapon on the table. Situate your weapon so that you can easily go to grip and pull your weapon off.
  • Revolvers: If you mount to the side of the weapon, the cylinder will make minimal contact with the magnet. You will get a better contact by using the top of the barrel.
  • Maximum temperature for successful use: up to 446º Fahrenheit to -60º degrees Fahrenheight. Any temeprature beyond this will make the magnets slowly loose power.

Lesson on Magnetics

  • These Rare Earth magnets will NOT work on any Aluminum, Titanium or Stainless Steel type weapons. Try a household magnet first to see if your weapon will work with the MagnaHide®.
  • Poly guns are fine because the barrel inside is ferrous metal.

We all know that magnets attract each other at opposite poles and repel at like poles. But exactly what types of metals do they attract? Neodymium magnets are known as the strongest magnet material available and have the highest holding strength to these metals. They are called ferromagnetic metals containing mainly iron, nickel and rare earth alloys. On the contrary, paramagnetism is the very weak attraction between other metals and magnets for which you can barely notice. 

The most commonly used metals to be attracted by magnets or magnetic devices are ferrous metals which contain iron and iron alloys. Steels, for examples, are widely applied and can be easily handled by lifting devices containing neodymium magnets. Due to the fact that these iron electrons and their magnetic fields can be easily aligned with external magnetic field, it is easy for neodymium magnets to attract to them. And based on the same theory, neodymium magnets composed of iron can be induced by powerful magnetic field and retain the magnetism. Stainless steel alloys on the other hand do not have this property and cannot be attracted to a magnet. Elemental nickel and some nickel alloys are also ferromagnetic, such as Aluminum-Cobalt-Nickel (alnico) magnets. The key for them to attract to magnets is their alloy composition or which other elements do they have. The nickel coins are not ferromagnetic because they contain majority of copper and a smaller portion of nickel.

Metals like aluminum, copper and gold show paramagnetism or weakly attractive. When placed in a magnetic field or close to a magnet, such metals create their own magnetic fields that weakly attract them to the magnet and do not persist when the external magnetic field is removed.