Premium Carry Belt


Premium Steerhide/Horsehide Carry Belt. $89.95

A well overlooked area of defensive carry as a package is a good, dual layered gun belt. If your weapon seems to heavy to carry  or is hard to conceal against you, chances are that your belt isn't adequate. Often times at local gun shows we see a "floppy" holster canting out from the weight of the pistol. A good, sturdy gun belt should not only hold the weapon closer to you, it will also distribute the weight of that weapon. 

Our premium belts are hand made from the finest quality leather available. These  gun belts are lined with firm tanned horsehide on the back and top quality vegetable tanned steer hide on the top. We then groove a stitch line to counter sink the threads into the belt to prevent premature thread wear and also use heavy duty nylon thread to complete the process. 

No need for interior stiffeners, our belts are ¼ thick and provide long lasting durability without rolling. We use Chicago screws rather than snaps for durability and the ease of buckle changes. All edges are finished and coated and we give you 5  1-inch spaced holes with a 4 inch tip. Your measurement is calibrated to the middle of the 5 holes for adjustment possibility of 2 inches on either side. If you're wanting more holes or want to adjust the holes to 3/4 inch spacing, please call to place your order.

We are very pleased with this product, in fact we still wear the very first belts we made. Our pride is also in that every aspect of these belts are made from US products. Nothing is imported. Find similar belts online using horse hide and you will certainly pay over $150.  Available in different widths: 1 ¼, 1½, 1¾

$99.95 for widths 1¼ and 1½

+$10 for 1¾ width

 We make odd and even sizes up to 45 inches.  Since it's very difficult and rare to get longer strips of horse hide, we can make a dual layer steer hide belt in longer lengths. Please call for details.

  • Buckles: Choice of Brass, Chrome Plated Brass or Gun Metal (Matte Charcoal powder coat) It's easy to change out these buckles by removing the 2 Chicago screws if you have a favorite buckle you want to use instead. We use the square buckles to prevent the belt edges from wearing out so if you like the rounded "D" shaped buckles, please be advised that with use, the edges will start to get fuzzy.
  • Color Options (see link in footer for details)
  • Tooling Design Options (See photo gallery below, click on photo to see the name of the tooling style.)
  • Belt Width Options from 1¼, 1½, 1¾
  • Please see sizing guide before you order. We DO NOT go by department store sizing as they differ by manufacturer. Our sizing can be from 1 to 3 inches different from department stores. (See Belt Sizing instructions below) We do not accept returns if you give us the wrong size.

How long do our belts last? We really don't know! We are STILL wearing the first belts we've made 9+ years ago! Of the thousands sold, we haven't had a single complaint of failure.  Our customers LOVE our belts and often come back after their first purchase to  get additional colors or one for dress and another for everyday.

Belt Sizing Instructions


How to size yourself:

You may want to wear the thickest pair of pants you have such as blue jeans while measuring. Use a cloth measuring tape or tape measure  (in inches) and thread it THROUGH your belt loops.  Be sure you are not measuring OVER the belt loops! Pull both ends SNUG as you would a belt. Take note of the number. 

  Note: If you fall between 2 numbers, always round up to the next whole number. For example, if you are measuring 37 ½ you will want to write down 38 inches. Another thing to consider is if you carry a holster inside or outside the waistband, you will want to measure with these items on to allow ample room.

FOR WOMEN: Because of different waist heights of women's pants, wear the pants that you will most likely wear when carrying a weapon before you measure! Follow the instructions above.

The measurement that you provide should put you in the middle hole of 5 holes.  There will be 2 holes ahead and 2 holes behind plus a 4-inch tip for our Steer/Horsehide carry belts. Ranger belts have a shorter tip and only 5 holes. Your measurement should get you to the middle hole for a ranger. Ranger belts are a bit unforgiving if you fluctuate in weight. You can always add "skinny" holes to our standard carry belt, just contact us if you're wanting extra holes when ordering or send us the belt so we can punch extra holes for you.