Custom Build Gallery

Custom Western Rig & Shotgun Belt

Custom Western Rig with a straight draw and crossdraw holster and shotgun shell belt. Color: Chocolate

Custom Carry Ensemble

Custom Basket Stamped tooled Ranger Belt with matching Holster and Mag Pouch.

Color: Natural

Custom scoped Chest Rig

Custom Scoped Chest Rig with concho.

Color: Chocolate

Custom Texas Star Western Rig


Custom Western Rig with full skirt holster, chonchos and 1 piece border tooling.
Color: Chocolate

Western Rig with Custom Turquoise Conchos

Custom Western Rig with custom turquoise conchos.

Color: Saddle Tan

Custom Chest Mount Lined Scoped Holster

Total custom special build: Chest holster & harness with lined sheep skin optic.

Color: Saddle Tan

Custom Scoped Chest Rig

Custom scoped Sportsman's Chest Rig®

Color: Chocolate

Custom Quick Draw Auto Western Rig

Custom suede lined Western Rig for quick draw Tanfoglio Witness

Color: Saddle Tan

John Wayne Cartridge Belt

John Wayne money belt with cartridge loops.

Custom Western Rig

Custom Western Rig with 2-piece border tooling and Standing Liberty Conchos

Color: Chocolate

Nate's Custom Rifle Wrap

Custom lace on rifle wrap.

Tooled Tapered Carry Belt

Tapered Ranger belt with fish scale tooling.

Color: Natural

Oak Leaf Hand Tooled Western Rig

Western Rig with custom oak leaf and basket stamp tooling.

Color: Natural

Custom Big Revolver Holster

Outside the waist band, strong side holster with basket stamp tooling.

Color: Chocolate

Custom Tooled Chest Rig

Custom Sportsman's Chest Rig® with cross hatch tooling.

Color: Chocolate

Western Rig with Knife Scabbard

Custom 3-piece Western Rig with knife sheath.

Color: Chocolate

Western Rig with matching belt

Custom Western Rig for custom Colt with matching horse hide carry belt.

Color: Custom blend

Custom Knife Sheath

Custom Knife Scabbard with elephant leather.