Belt Sizing Guide


How to size yourself


You may want to wear the thickest pair of pants you have such as blue jeans while measuring. Use a cloth measuring tape or tape measure  (in inches) and thread it THROUGH your belt loops.  Be sure you are not measuring OVER the belt loops! Pull both ends SNUG as you would a belt. Take note of the number. 

 Note: If you fall between 2 numbers, always round up to the next whole number. For example, if you are measuring 37 ½ you will want to write down 38 inches. Another thing to consider is if you carry a holster inside or outside the waistband, you will want to measure with these items on to allow ample room.

FOR WOMEN: Because of different waist heights of women's pants, wear the pants that you will most likely wear when carrying a weapon before you measure! Follow the instructions above.

The measurement that you provide should put you in the middle hole of 5 holes.  There will be 2 holes ahead and 2 holes behind plus a 4-inch tip for our Steer/Horsehide carry belts. Ranger belts have a shorter tip and only 5 holes. Your measurement should get you to the middle hole for a ranger. Ranger belts are a bit unforgiving if you fluctuate in weight. You can always add "skinny" holes to our standard carry belt, just contact us if you're wanting extra holes.

If you are sizing for a WESTERN RIG: These belts are usually worn BELOW a normal belt. Some wear these lower on one side, some wear them straight across. When measuring for a western rig, its best to use a strip of corrugated cardboard, making a mark where they meet and then measuring the cardboard in inches. This tecnique gives a better measurement for a 3-inch belt so you can see and feel where your belt will sit on your body.